After Sarah saw her cousin Krystal’s wedding film. It was official, she had to have Lighten films for her wedding cinematographer. I’m honored when I film someone’s wedding and end up filming multiple weddings from their family.

Sarah and Chad love each other in the deepest way. While talking to them and getting to know them better, which I love to do with all of my awesome couples, I learned a lot. I learn their love was so strong, they had to overcome a personal struggle that a lot of couples(especially young couples) could not have survived. This love was in full blossom on their wedding day, and I was beyond excited to immortalize it.

Their rings were provided by

Getting Ready Venue: The Cosmopolitan
Wedding Venue: Sunset Gardens
Event Film Maker: Lighten Films
Limo: V.I.P. Limos
Hair and Makeup:
Wedding Dress: